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How to add your WebReserv booking calendar to your Jimdo website

Today, you can find several great website builders that will allow you to create your website easily and without any specific knowledge or requirement. Jimdo is one of those builders. If you are designing your website in Jimdo, use this simple guide to quickly add the WebReserv booking calendar to your Jimdo website. It's very easy.

1. Copy HTML code from your WebReserv account

If you don't have a WebReserv account, you can create a free one here. If you already have a WebReserv account, login and click Website from the top menu. Select the version of the calendar, the calendar options and the appearance. Click here for more information about calendar options and colors.

Click the preview button. You will now see a preview of the booking calendar to the right. If everything looks good, highlight and copy the text in the HTML field.

2. Paste the code into your Jimdo editor

Now switch to your Jimdo editor. On your main page, click Add elements.

Select the option Widget/HTML

A custom HTML field will show up in your editor. Paste the HTML text you copied from WebReserv.

Save it and your are done!

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